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Benefits of custom mobile app development for businesses

By Tinderhouse 12 Jul 2023

A custom mobile app for your business can provide immense value and open up new opportunities to better serve your customers.

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In today's mobile-first world, developing a custom mobile app for your business can provide immense value and open up new opportunities to better serve your customers. With over 6 billion smartphone users globally, mobile apps have become essential for reaching and engaging your target audience.

A custom-built mobile app lets you provide users with an experience tailored to your brand and business goals. Trying to shoehorn your business into an off-the-shelf app or mobile website won't cut it these days. Your app is your brand ambassador - it needs to represent you authentically, so here are some of the key benefits of investing in custom mobile app development:

Direct access and convenience for customers
A mobile app installed directly on a user's device provides ultimate convenience and access. Unlike websites, users don't need to type in a URL to reach your services. With just a tap, they have your full offering right in their pocket, allowing frequent and frictionless interactions with your brand.

Ability to provide rich, native experiences
Mobile websites can feel clunky and limited, while native mobile apps provide fluid and satisfying user experiences. Custom UI and UX design, push notifications, intuitive gestures, and access to device features like the camera and GPS are just some of the advantages mobile apps can leverage.

Stand out from the competition
A custom-designed mobile app helps differentiate your brand from competitors. Instead of having the same generic mobile presence as everyone else, you can craft an app that aligns with your brand story and identity. An app tailored to your specific audience and use cases allows you to stand out and be remembered.

Deeper customer engagement
Mobile apps foster far deeper customer engagement than websites alone. Users spend 87% of mobile time in apps vs. just 13% in mobile web browsers. The more time users spend in your app, the more opportunities you have to engage them through exclusive content, promotions, social features, and push notifications. Apps keep you top of mind and integral to your customers' daily routines.

Better data and insights
Mobile apps provide developers access to insightful data on user behaviours and preferences via advanced tracking and analytics. Unlike the web, you can see how people interact with different features and optimize the UX to meet their needs better. Native apps also allow more effective retention and direct marketing through push notifications.

New revenue streams
Mobile apps open the door to new potential revenue streams. You can charge a monthly subscription fee for premium app features or offer paid downloads/in-app purchases for virtual goods. Apps also provide a new channel for advertising; brands will pay to display their ads within popular apps relevant to their target market.

Improved loyalty & retention
Users have a remarkably high retention rate for mobile apps they find helpful. By continually enhancing your app and providing lasting customer value, you benefit from higher brand loyalty and better long-term user retention than mobile web users. The more ingrained your app is in their daily habits, the less likely users are to switch to competitors.

Lasting competitive advantage
A well-executed mobile app becomes a competitive asset that is difficult for others to replicate. The coding, design, UX elements, and accumulated user data built into your app gives you an edge that keeps growing over time as users depend on your app. Rivals can make mobile websites, but your custom-designed app remains a unique advantage.

Investing in custom mobile app development pays dividends across nearly all facets of your business, from sales and revenue to brand perception and customer loyalty. As mobile continues its unprecedented adoption, companies need to think mobile-first and a tailored mobile app is the best way to bring your brand directly into the hands and lives of target customers. The time for generic mobile presences has passed. Successful brands differentiate with custom mobile apps.

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