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Tinderhouse recognised as a top UK Development & IT Services company

By Tinderhouse 27 Jan 2021


For a second year in a row Tinderhouse has been recognised by Clutch as a top UK Development and IT Services company.

Over the past twelve months, during a time of great uncertainty for many companies, Tinderhouse has been helping more and more organisations transition to using digital services. Many organisations have had to transform the way they work during the Covid-19 pandemic and have turned to Tinderhouse to help streamline their online presence. For a lot of organisations the pandemic has accelerated this transformation and services provided by Tinderhouse have resulted in a range of solutions from apps, ecommerce and websites.

To be named as one of the UK’s top Development and IT services companies by Clutch this year is a reflection of the hard work we love to do for our clients and we’re thrilled to be given this award.

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