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Bike Hub revamp

By Tinderhouse 22 Nov 2016

Bike Hub revamp

It's a great day in the office when a new app gets released. Even more so when it's a complete rebuild of an app that we first designed several years ago. The latest release of the Bike Hub app is a complete overhaul of the app that sports a design fit for its next phase.

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The Bike Hub Cycle Journey planner is a sat nav app for cyclists. It routes cyclists along quieter routes designed for riding. While it has a UK focus it is able to route in various other countries around the world.

Bike Hub

Our work on this app was to reimagine what the app could be. The original app was designed serveral years ago and had become a little stale. In this app we started from scratch. That fresh start was quite liberating and let us think about what the app should be and how it should work with the technology that is available today.

At its core, the Bike Hub app uses the CycleStreets routing engine to generate the routes for riders. The app makes use of map data from OpenStreetMap, map tiles from Thunderforest and a rendering engine from Map Box.

The app includes three map styles including the classic OpenCycleMap, Ordnance Survey Opendata and our very own map style design specifically for the Bike Hub app. As with most routing apps the Bike Hub app comes packed full with options to save favourites, share routes, explore and route to nearby points of interest like bike shops or cafes.

This release is only just the start. In the production pipeline are more new features that include ride recording, syncing with Map My Tracks and other services, integration with Wahoo RFLKT and Apple Watch.

The Bike Hub app is available for iOS and Android phone and tablet devices. It's a free app so go grab your copy now.

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