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Map My Tracks races through 1 million users

By Tinderhouse 16 Sep 2016

Map My Tracks races through 1 million users

It's not a well known fact that along side the agency work we do for our clients we also run a the sports tracking service Map My Tracks.

By way of an introduction to the service - Map My Tracks lets people track their outdoor activities in real time to share online for others to follow. It’s used around the world across over 40 different sports.

It is with great pride that we can announce that Map My Tracks has raced through the 1 million registered user milestone this month. This, for us, is a big deal. When we started Map My Tracks back before the iPhone existed we couldn’t have imagined one million people wanting to use our service. We thank each and every one of them for taking the time to try out the service and for making Map My Tracks the great community that it is today.

As many of our clients know, we are a small team here at Tinderhouse and over the years we have seen some big players enter the sports tracking community. Most are substantially larger than us which makes this achievement even more impressive. We can’t thank the Map My Tracks community enough for their support and their ongoing appetite for the service.

Check out the Map My Tracks blog for more details on the numbers behind Map My Tracks.

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