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Is your app iOS 10 ready?

By Tinderhouse 13 Sep 2016

Is your app iOS 10 ready?

Apple have now publicly released iOS 10 ready for users to download and install on their devices.

As with every major operating system update there are plenty of new features for us app developers to take advantage of. But before to start to enjoy the benefits of the new features it's worth double checking that your existing apps still function correctly

While it's not as glamorous, or fun, as playing around with the new toys available it's an important process to go through as Apple has a habit of updating what app's have access to, and how they can access them. 

For the most part, apps developed for iOS7 and above should be fine but it's the devil in the detail that can be trouble. Just like website browser testing it's worth having your app checked out when a new version is released to make sure the hidden corners of the app still work as expected.

We do this on behalf of our clients to ensure that users do not have any excuse to migrate away from using their app.

Once the less glamorous work of OS testing has been done then it's time to take advantage of the new features available that include.

So what's new

We're looking forward to experimenting with the new options open to us as developers. The more notable ones include: 

Siri for developers
Siri is being opened up for third party developers to interact with. We'll now be able to ask Siri to trigger tasks in apps. This could be to find out how far your have run today, or to order an Uber. 

Apps in iMessage
iMessage is getting an upgrade which includes its own App Store. The super charge iMessage will now let you order food, shopping or tickets through supported apps. 

There are plenty more in iOS 10 so it will be interesting to watch how they all get used by the developer community.

Let's make things happen.