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My Health Check app is now out

By Tinderhouse 12 Sep 2016

My Health Check app is now out

Designed to support patients after their NHS Health Check, the app helps keep track of blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and overall physical activity.

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Not so long ago we were asked by Kent Community Health NHS Trust to look at ways to improve how their nurses worked with patients to record the results of their health checks. Traditionally, prior to the app, the results were logged in a leaflet for the patients to take home and update as and when they could, or at their next visit.

With the launch of the My Health Check app, available from the App Store and Google Play, this has all changed and turned the experience into one that provides patients with ongoing advice, feedback and goals that they can meet between health check visits.

The detail

The My Health Check app lets patients record your blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and physical activity which is used to calculate a heart age score. The heart age score is based on your lifestyle and results in advice on how to get fit and stay healthy.

Along the way patients can set goals to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce blood pressure or cut back on their alcohol intake.

While the app is designed to support Kent-based patients it can be downloaded nationally for anyone to take advantage of. Go grab your copy to check out your heart age.

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