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Client success stories - The Col Collective

By Tinderhouse 13 Jan 2015

Client success stories - The Col Collective

Within the ranks of Tinderhouse it is fair to say that we do like a good bike ride, so when we were asked to help to put together a site for the Col Collective we jumped at the chance.

The Col Collective website was launched late last year. Designed and developed by Tinderhouse, the site has one thing to do; inspire cyclists.

This is done through a set of glorious films of mountain passes. The Col Collective showcases the greatest mountain passes throughout Europe so that cyclists can be inspired to conquer each one themselves. Their films outline each climb in detail and provide inspiration in spades to get outdoors and ride.

For the techies out there, the site is built on Expression Engine and, with the help of the You Tube API, presents an overview of all of the films hosted on You Tube. To date, over 20 films have been produced, which in turn has resulted in over 500,000 views and close to 10,000 subscribers on YouTube.

If you are a cyclist, or simply want to be inspired to get outdoors, then check out all of the latest from the Col Collective.

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