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Is Expression Engine the right CMS for my website?

By Tinderhouse 07 Apr 2015

Is Expression Engine the right CMS for my website?

We often get asked - is Expression Engine the right fit for our website? Very often, if not all the time, we say it is. Behind every website there should be a robust CMS. A CMS that does not restrict, or complicate the on-going management of the site's content. A CMS that does not tie a client to an agency forever. That's why we recommend using Expression Engine to our clients.

We find ourselves building websites with Expression Engine time and time again. There is a good reason for this - it speeds up our delivery time which in turn keeps costs down for our clients. The site requirements might be simple or they might present more complicated challenges. In either case, Expression Engine works well. Straight out of the box it covers more features than most sites need and when the need is there it has the flexibility to be configured according to the website requirements.

We sometimes get challenged to prove that Expression Engine is as capable as we say it is. By way of an example, here are some top line stats (correct at time of writing) based on a site that Tinderhouse has delivered using Expression Engine:

  • CMS Entries ~2,000,000
  • Member profiles ~1,000,000

These stats are from just one site where we have used Expression Engine. Other sites might not reach these numbers but that's not the point. The point is, Expression Engine can very easily be the right CMS for your website.

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