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Show and Tell

By Tinderhouse 24 Apr 2015

Show and Tell

Each week the team at Tinderhouse get together to showcase what has caught their eye across the world of tech.

App indexing​

Google is making sure they can refer to app content in their search results. App Indexing works very much like web page indexing and results in app content appearing in search results with an option to download the app or open the app to see the content. 

It requires app developers to play nicely with Google and include an index of the app content so that deep links can be made from search result pages into the app. 

It will be interesting to see this develop. We can already see some great use cases for our clients' apps and our own.

Mobile friendly test by Google

Next up - more Google services. This time their tool to see if your website meets their mobile friendly criteria. This is becoming ever more relevant as Google now likes to highlight mobile friendly websites in their search results. Neat tool which gives you some feedback on areas to improve. That said, any web developer these days should already be up to speed on these.

Apple Watch teardown

With the release of the Apple Watch comes the first teardown to see how it's put together. iFixit take the Apple Watch apart, component by component. It's fascinating to see all the components in what is a very small space.

Let's make things happen.